Capital Sports Medicine

Who We Are Looking For:

Do you have a positive persona that makes patients look for any excuse to come back and see you? Are you a self-starter? Are you comfortable picking up the phone to speak to past patients?

Are you able to communicate with patients in such a way that they know what you’re doing for them? Are you able to connect and engage with people on a personal level (not just a clinical skill level)? And, do you have time for people over and beyond their allocated clinical sessions which you are being paid to do?

Do you love to learn, and are you committed to being part of a TEAM that puts the patient first, not professional ego? Are you flexible and open to change? Do you view the opportunity to learn as a privilege and not something that you should be paid to do?

About Us – Capital Sports Medicine

If that’s you, then we want to hear from you. We are a chiropractic clinic based in Silver Spring, Maryland, that is experiencing rapid growth. We’ve grown from a “one man operation” working out of a subleased office space to a team of 3 with 2 clinic locations.

Ask around the DC metro and you’ll soon discover we have an incredible reputation in the community and have an abundance of great people ready and waiting for you to serve to the best of your ability.

We believe wholeheartedly in education, and provide an immense amount of training, teaching, and coaching.

Demand for this role is always high and we invite you to apply if you feel confident and able to achieve the tasks and responsibility listed below.

We know that real “A Players” love to be held accountable for high standards of performance, which means you’ll be given your own key objectives and outcomes. When these are consistently met, you’ll experience substantial benefits and privileges.


  • Communicate with patients in a way that allows them to confidently make the right decision about the plan of care you suggest.
  • Ensure that patients achieve their health and lifestyle outcomes (in the time frame you set).
  • Develop a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits both the patient and the clinic.
  • Communicate the value of our service with the fee/price that the patient will need to pay for it.
  • Ensure the patient remains excited about the prospect of coming for chiropractic care (and remains committed to the treatment plan that you suggest).
  • Provide a high level of customer care that will cause patients to want to come back frequently (and tell their friends and family about us, as well).
  • Ensure patients coming for free discovery sessions convert to a first evaluation when appropriate.
  • Ensure that patients agree to a plan of care that will help them hit their goals.
  • Ensure patients complete a full plan of care (as agreed in the first session).
  • Ensure that clinical notes are kept up-to-date, accurate, and completed in the agreed time frame needed for the clinic to complete billing.
  • Participate, contribute to, and help develop the in-house educational training program that is provided to all treatment staff.


  • Be able to communicate with patients in such a way that they can understand why the suggested plan of care is the best solution to solve their problem.
  • Communicate with patients in a way that they can see value in the plan of care being put forward to them in exchange for their time and money.
  • Willing and able to spot when a patient may be disillusioned or confused with their progress (and likely to drop off).
  • To be able to communicate in such a way that a patient can confidently say “yes” to a full plan of care.
  • To be able to engage with and connect with patients on a personal level that goes way beyond a clinical outcome.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of what the causes are — and solutions — that could lead to a patient dropping off schedule.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to be held accountable for performance.
  • Ability to thrive in an environment where measurement is the driving force behind progress

What We’ve Got For You:

  • Provide you with ongoing training and support in the fields of customer service, clinical decision making, and treatment.
  • Give you an amazing environment to work in that includes working with a team of wonderful and very supportive staff.
  • Opportunity to develop and grow in a team that is value driven and strongly encourages a personality-based service.
  • Competitive salary with a chance to earn even more as we grow as a result of your impact

Compensation/Salary: Commensurate With Experience

Hours: Full time, 32-38 hours

To Apply:

Please submit your curriculum vitae (CV) and a short cover letter explaining why you think you would be suitable and what you are looking for in the role (i.e. how we can make/keep you happy in the role if you are successful?) to, Attn: Angela with the subject line “Why I Want To Work For CSM”.
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